Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rippded from KFR - Discussion on Q-Tip's "The Renaissance"

Britt: I got the release with the DVD
like I said, I’m an easy mark

Steve: DVD? Is it good?

Britt: Haven’t looked at it. Probably same non-menu crap that studios are putting out

Steve: I really like it.

Britt: Very organic-like

Steve: Listening to it, it struck me again how unimaginative today’s rappers are.Even the good ones.

Britt: Yup
And this has been sitting on a shelf for over 3 years

Steve: Q-Tip managed to create a sound that’s very noticably his and the Native Tongues’ without having the access to samples like they had in their prime.
He put the rest of the current rap industry to shame wth it.

Britt: True. There are samples but not many. He just proved that you need to be skilled not just have the hot producer(s)

Steve: Seriously, if more rappers actually put some thought and care to their craft, I’d be buying and listening to it more.

Britt: Yup

Steve: And that’s not to slight groups like Ugly Duckling or anything - there are good acts out there, but the new Tip album really just kills.

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