Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Leave a Job Without a Shred of Integrity 101 by "Prof." Tom Casale

Here's the course description from the Master of Career Suicide (he's the third from left in jailhouse stripes - a very foreboding attire, you might say):

  • Learn how to trash your former co-workers and disgrace your former employer on your first day on your new job
  • Discover new ways to dredge up old hot button topics by insinuating that evidence was suppressed by not only your employer but by its governing body
  • Make baseless accusations about everyone from your co-workers to the subjects of your work duties without any proof whatsoever; all using the guise of "Keepin' It Real"
  • Free up more time since there is no need to create a resume as you will become instantly unwanted by any company other than a gambling organization

Course references can be found here for those curious enrollees. You can contact the professor of Napalming Co-Workers and Killing Careers there.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic-Con hangover

Due to the information outpouring during this year's SDCC, I've found that I do not have too much to say in a post. I have been messing around trying to come up with a New England Patriots GameDay Countdown clock (inspiration coming from After some searching, I found one at and have modded it into one that I can live with for right now. So, take a look below at the TTLF's clock and copy your hearts out.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wash Post Looks at Possible Subscriber Changes in a XM-Sirius World

It was almost destined to happen when it was first rumored last year. And with the 3-2 squeaker of an approval for the XM-Sirius merger, what happens next? And more importantly to some, when can XM people get Howard Stern on their boxes? Well, Frank Ahrens of the Washington Post offers his observations of the possible changes to subscribers on both sides of the satellite radio. Most of the article is pure conjecture at this time but here's something that I will keep my eye on:

The companies have said that they would freeze the $12.95-per-month rate for three years after the merger. In the letter to the FCC, XM and Sirius said they will create a number of programming options ranging from $6.99 to $16.99 per month.

· For $6.99 per month, subscribers can choose either 50 Sirius or 50 XM channels and add additional channels for 25 cents each per month.

· For $14.99 per month, subscribers get 100 channels: XM subscribers get mostly XM channels and can pick Sirius channels to round out to 100. A similar deal will be available for Sirius subscribers.

· For $16.99 per month, XM subscribers get all of their current XM channels and can add an undetermined number of Sirius channels. Vice-versa for Sirius subscribers.

· For $9.99 per month, subscribers can get a "mostly music" or "mostly news, sports and talk" package of channels.

· For $11.95 per month, subscribers can get a "family-friendly" package of existing channels from either XM or Sirius, which would block out such programming as Howard Stern and rap and rock channels with profanity-laced songs.

· For $14.99 per month, subscribers can get a "family friendly" package of channels from both services.

Yes, but you'll probably have to pay extra. In the letter to the FCC, the companies said that such "premium" programming will cost more. Stern is not identified in the letter, but he is Sirius's biggest draw.

If this pricing matrix is close to correct, count me as the first in line to buy the new satrad receiver for both house and card.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Cartoon Network and WB Animation present "The Brave and the Bold" trailer @ SDCC

If you're a fan of Batman or classic comics/animation in general, you must be peeing in your pants about the new animated series "The Brave and The Bold". If that is you, then you may want to evacuate your facilities because here's the trailer for said series was premeired at San Diego Comic-Con courtesy of Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers Animation (video provided by CBR):

After watching it and you're hungry for more, go on over to to read an exclusive interview about the series with Producer/Character Designer James Tucker and Voice Director Andrea Romano.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Fanatical Review - "The Apocalipstix (Oni Press)"

Title - The Apocalipstix
Publisher - Oni Press
Format - Digest-Sized; 144 pages
Cover Price - $11.95

What started out as a self-contained story in an anthology titled Rumble Royale from The Royal Academy of Illustration and Design and continued in a new story in 2007 Free Comic Day comic, The Apocalipstix finally gets its due in a digest-sized original graphic novel (or as the people who only speak in acronyms say, OGN) from Oni Press.

Hard rockers Mandy and the Mittens (Lead Singer Mandy, Drummer Megumi & Bassist Dot) were all set to make their big break when a strategically placed nukes rain down and practically wipe out the entire civilized world. Now, they have to travel cross-country to get to the big Battle of Bands concert. If they win, free gas to the next stop in the tour. But if they lose.. Well, let's just say that it's not pretty to say the least.

The Apocalipstix has something for everyone; lots of guns and exploding stuff for action fans, hot babes for the good girl fans, large ants for the sci-fi lover and even a love interest for the romance readers (you know who you are). The three-chapter book itself plays out like a breakneck Rock and Roll Mad Max road story with a slight dash of Xenozoic Tales for good measure. Ray Fawkes writes a mean action storyline with a decent cast of engaging characters with a fun dialog. And Cam Stewart outdoes himself by bringing his superb animation-flavored art and imbibing it with a sense of craziness. I was also impressed with Stewart's ability to draw each woman in the band differently; you'd be surprised how many artists in the industry fail to do that.

So, if you are tired of the latest in the cape-and-tights mega crossover or bored to death with those over-compressed six issues stories that should really only last three, you should definitely take The Apocalipstix for a ride.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Fanatical Review - "Fathead Tradeables 2008"

Being the curious type as well as a recovering sports card collector, I was more than intrigued by the newest offering by Fatheads aptly named Tradeables. For the uninformed (or uncaring), these Tradeables are basically mini version of the original Fathead product, which are reusable wall/window clings. When to the ordering website, here's the following product description:

Order Your FREE SAMPLE and we will send you one of the following Fathead Tradeables Authentics:

Tom Brady
LaDainian Tomlinson
Peyton Manning
Tony Romo
Eli Manning
Drew Brees
Terrell Owens
Adrian Peterson
Brian Urlacher
Champ Bailey
Ben Roethlisberger
Vince Young
Maurice Jones-Drew
Clinton Portis
Brian Westbrook
Carson Palmer
Shawne Merriman
Steve Smith
Larry Johnson
Devin Hester
Marvin Harrison
Reggie Bush
Troy Polamalu
Ray Lewis
Andre Johnson

You pay only $1.99 shipping and handling


After reading the list of possible names available, I decided to place an order for the max of three "free" Tradeables @ $1.99 S/H per card. In about a week, the items were delivered in a medium envelope via regular USPS shipping with each Tradeables in individually sealed, foil-lined Fathead logo envelopes.

The Good - The product itself is not bad with two player-specific clings on one "card". The vinyl seems to adhere and remvoe without much effort and does not leave any noticible residue. And the look of the card reminds me of the old oversized Topps cards of the early 80s.

The Bad - A couple of drawbacks to the Tradeable is that the back of the card is very generic Fathead background with basically nothing associated with the player on the front of the Tradeable.

Another problem that I had with this product is the lack of variety specified on their advertisement. Granted, I was not expecting Fathead spokemen Urlacher and Roethlisberger with Brady included in the three that I ordered. But I received not one, not two, but THREE Larry Johnson tradeables. Freaking ridiculous. How can you compare a product without having at least two different items to evaluate? Again, as my former collector self would have said, nothing pisses you off more than getting tripicates of any one card (other than MJ's rookie Fleer card).

The Final Word - Obviously, a judgment cannot be rendered by looking at three of the same card. But with the lack of product quality control as well as the lack of any player info on the back of the item, I can't fully recommend Tradeables without a fair comparison of the product; especially at the price point of $14.95 per pack (5 cards) or $149.95 for a box of 10 packs.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Blank Mighty Muggs

For those of you who like to mod action figures and statues into other pop culture characters, here is your cream come true. The makers of Mighty Muggs have created both a blank Black and White PVC figure just for those collectors who want to make their own Muggs. The only bummer is that they will not be released until September 8th (according to the Hasbro Retail site.)

My personal favs for this treatment are Deadpool, Iron Fist, Deathstroke and Nightwing. If anyone who has artistic talent and has done a repaint with one of those characters mentioned, let me know. I'm always looking to pick something up if the price is right.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Would you like to watch the Watchmen?

Just a quick weekend post but it's all about the upcoming Watchmen movie. First, Steve over at KFR posted a link to the new Watchmen trailer at Apple's website. The 2+ minute trailer is both thrilling to see these characters come to cinematic life yet the look of the "Batman & Robin"-style costumes still makes me more than a little hesitant about how faithful the adaptation will be.

Then, Entertainment Weekly has a great article (which you can read online here) about the movie and the development hell that it went through to get to the point where it is today. Here's the cover to said EW:

Lastly, in the same EW issue, there is a link to download what is being called a "motion comic" for the first chapter of the Watchmen mini-series. I have watched the comic and for what it is, it's a great companion piece to the movie. Hearing the narration and having a score behind the comic does give the show more depth than I thought it would. I can definitely see this being on the eventual double DVD disc release near the end of 2009. To download the 24+ minute chapter, you need to have iTunes installed and click here.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Upcoming DVD Release - DC Superheroes: The Filmation Adventures

DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures

Saw this in a press release from Warner Bros and knew that it had to be mine. For those of you who may not be old enough to remember, these cartoons were the only place you would get to see the non-Big Three of DC on TV; especially the groovy Teen Titans (with a raven-haired Kid Flash and no Robin due to contractual reasons) and the Justice League of America. Sure, they're dated and somewhat preachy but that's what makes them so good. Pick it up and show it to that special grade schooler in your life and relive being a kid a half-hour at a time.

The DVD is due on August 12th with the following list of episodes:

Disc 1:

The Atom Cartoons
Invasion Of The Beetle-Men (1967)
The Plant Master (1967)
The House Of Doom (1967)

The Flash Cartoons
The Chemo-Creature (1967)
Take a Giant Step (1967)
To Catch a Blue Bolt (1967)

Green Lantern Cartoons
Evil is as Evil Does (1967)
The Vanishing World (1967)
Sirena, Empress of Evil (1967)

Disc 2:

Hawkman Cartoons
Peril from Pluto (1967)
A Visit To Venus (1967)
The Twenty Third Dimension (1967)

Justice League Of America Cartoons
Between Two Armies (1967)
Target Earth (1967)
Bad Day on Black Mountain (1967)

Teen Titans Cartoons
The Monster Machine (1967)
The Space Beast Round-Up (1967)
Operation: Rescue (1967)

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who will benefit from Old Man Favre according to Chazer

Chazer over at his Life Happens blog was doing his best Mort impression as he was thinking aloud on which NFL team would benefit most by winning the Old Man Favre lottery (purely hypothetical as there was no talk of compensation discussed nor the possibility that he would do more harm than good to his new team).

As I read his quick breakdown, I noticed that his blindspot was showing yet again, which means that I had to call him out on it. To keep things in context, please read his post first then read my retort below:
It was interesting while reading your post that one specific team was not addressed on your list. The team that has burned through more QBs than most of the other teams mentioned. The team that not seen the Super Bowl since the beginning of the 90s. The team who not only signed and released a future NFL MVP but also released many other decent QBS only to see them stick around the league and actually start some games at the position.

That's right - it's your Washington Redskins. So, what's the reason for the omission? Is Campbell coming back from a season-ending injury with a whole new offense to learn that much better than bringing in Favre? Really, at this point, Washington needs a strong QB to help keep the heat off a new and very inexperienced HC. You may want to rethink that position, sir.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A.Dick is back to acting like one

I was going to make some topical observations on Andy Dick's recent arrest and correlate it to his desire to always be on (whether video cameras are around or not) and his weak attempts to push the boundaries of comedy. But then I realize that I would be wasting my time pointing out the obvious.

He is now the poster child for former TV stars who addicted to their own celebrity niche. And while he's pissed off (and literally pissed on) people in his downward spiraling career, he's plummeted past his old co-star Kathy Griffin to the F'Off-List. Hell, look at his mug shot and try to tell me with a straight face that he's starting to look more like that crazy old man lying on the side of the street waiting for his next fix of model airplane glue than the steady working actor and touring comedian.

To me, it's truly sad. You see, some people know when the joke stops becoming funny. I wonder if someday Dick realizes that he has become that joke.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary to this here blog plus some News & Comment

Here's to the first year of Tripping the Life Fanatic. Yeah, there have been some good times but there was a bit of an abandonment issue with me and the blog near the end of 2007 but I think that those have been resolved (albeit from an unexpected Super Bowl loss).

This upcoming year, there will be a continued dedication to more quality content including the return of the Fanatical Reviews and possibly (make that definitely) an announcement of where I will be writing next at a place that you may or may not expect.

Now, for the news and comment where breaking up is the new hook-up:

  • Jimah (or Sarmy depending on your point of view) are splitsville! The caustic couple have called it quits after five years. How can that be? They were supposed to be the Newman/Woodward of our generation. Maybe Silverman saw the writing on the wall (Leno to ABC; Kimmel bumped back to 1230 EST or later) and decided she didn't want to be attached to a plumeting star.
  • Billy Packer and CBS are done after 34 years and I cannot shout loud enough from the tallest mountain top - FINALLY!! This guy has an ego the size of Montana and the appeal of a sewer shark. I hated hearing his foul voice during the first week of April when the last three games of College Basketball season were playing. His pompous and monotone delivery mixed with his agenda against Big Ten Basketball made me wish for Pro-ACC Dickie V. Speaking of the always on Vitale, you should be next, sir. Don't buy that 2-year subscription to the Mag just yet.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Friday Favorite - "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory

What do you get when you have a Slash-style opening lick, a loud singable chorus and a very tight hard rock sound? The answer is "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory. the song is the first single off of the recently released "Light It Up". The song will also be included in the Madden '09 soundtrack which is a very good indication of how well it plays. Check it out right now below:

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Former Gator Dupay arrested with rape and kidnapping

It appears that trouble just seems to follow one Teddy Dupay. First, it was the criminal assault - oops, sorry, the Cobra Kai-style leg sweep of Mateen Cleaves during the 2000 NCAA Championships. Then, it was the quick dismissal of Dupay from the U of F basketball team the very next year due to possible gambling activities. And now, the former "chippy sparkplug"-labelled point guard has been charged with felony rape, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping in the state of Utah.

Details currently are one-sided due to Dupay's lack of counsel at the time of arrest; although, he did admit in court that he and the victim (a former girlfriend of two years) got a little rough. But yet from the info obtained by the investigators attached to the case, the victim had two fractured ribs, bruises on her arm, shoulder and thigh, a swollen left eye and scratches on her back due to Dupay hitting and kicking her prior to the rape.

But there is one person who may still be on this guy's side - his former coach. Here's a telling quote from Billy Donovan, speaking at the time of Dupay's dismissal from the team back in 2001:

"I love Teddy," Donovan said. "There are people who do things wrong, but I will stand by him the rest of his life. I think he knows in his heart that I'm behind him. I'll miss not having him around, but our relationship will go on for a long, long time."
I wonder if Donovan would like to take those words back just like he did when he backed out of the Orlando job.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Rockin' Soul Show will not be totally heard?

For those of you out there in Radioland who are outside the Ocean City, MD broadcasting area may have found out yesterday, Don Geronimo's Rockin' Soul Show was not streaming after the first 15-20 minutes due to legal complications with the deejay's non-compete clause in his old contract with Infinity/CBS Radio.

Officially, there is no press release or even an acknowledgement concerning this censorship from Geronimo, WOCM or CBS Radio but I did find a short snipet on a forum dedicated to Don and Mike by a poster claiming to be the webmaster of

Just a quick note to let everyone know we WILL NOT be Broadcasting Don Geronimo on the Web at this time. We will however start broadcasting the music this week. You will not be able to hear the Radio God's voice. I do not have details so please don't ask for them.
I hope that this crap will be cleared up in the very near future since from what I've heard, this show is something that is sorely missing from today's airwaves - a show with just great songs and and a DJ who knows how to pick the right ones to play.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best Buy Exclusive "Batman: Gotham Knight" clip

In honor of the release of Batman: Gotham Knight today, here's a quick second post. Click on the picture above (or here) to see an exclusive clip from the Warner Brothers DVD movie. Be aware - this clip will probably require Windows Media Player or something similar.

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Hulk versus Wolverine trailer and Marvel Direct-To-DVD Announcement

Marvel is trying their best to keep the good vibe momentum from Iron Man (and to a lesser degree the new Hulk movie) by knocking out Direct-to-DVD animation movies like there is no tomorrow. And according to its released timetable (posted here), here is the latest info on the Hulk Vs. DVD. has leaked out that Hulk Vs. DVD actually contains two movies - the undercard of Hulk versus Thor and the Main Event (and the one that will turn comic geeks to a puddle of mush) Hulk versus Wolverine. Also, has a quick trailer for the Banner versus Logan match.

The way I see it, this news is a strange mixture of odd pairings and possible pitfalls if done wrong. I'm not quite the comics historian but I don't really remember the Hulk versus Thor fight. I'm not saying that it won't be a good tale but the movie itself is going to greatly overshadowed by the comic anticipation that is Hulk vs. Wolvie.

As for the done wrong part, here's where I might be in the minority. I like my superheroes relatively proportionate. but if you look at the screencap above, it is simply not the case. Hulk has a huge body but has a head that resembles the head-shunked one from Beetlejuice. And what happened to Wolverine's nose? It's about the size of a fingernail. Maybe I am nitpicking but I'm not ready to get in line to buy this one like I am for the new Batman: Gotham Knight 2-disc'r.

Speaking of the trailer, here it is embedded below. give it a once over and let me know if I'm way off base with this one.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Marvel's Super Hero Squad rights snagged by THQ

Here's a case where I missed the news on this latest license acquisition by THQ due to the fact that I was actually playing with the source materials - with my son and daughter obviously (not that there is anything wrong with adults playing with them by themselves). My son is real excited for the new series and subsequent video game (Wii will be a must for this demo) but how do you explain to a five year old why it won't be until the fall of 09 before he get to see it?

Check the PR here at Variety and a more robust one here at the THQ corporate website.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Larry Harmon, aka Bozo the Clown, dead at 83

Larry Harmon, the guy who made Bozo the household name he is today, passed away today at the age of 83.

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Web 411 - The Mike O'Meara Show and Don Geronimo

As tough as it sounds, we live in a world where Mike O'Meara is hosting a talk show and Don Geronimo is spinning the platters that matter on a Top 40-ish show on separate stations on the radio dial. Luckily for the fans of the Radio Gods, their respective shows are back-to-back (Don from 1 to 3 PM EST and Mike from 3 to 7PM EST). And as different are the shows, so are their websites.

The URL for The Mike O'Meara Show is which redirects to the corporate WJFK website ( His page has the same formats as the other JFK air staff (live stream, photos, contests, podcasts, etc). However, the "forum" is one in name only; more like a bulletin board. Overall, it's a decent site with easily accessible content without too much digging. Here's a screenshot of the page:

Doni G's new employer, WOCM 98.1 in Ocean City, Maryland, has a website ( that is somewhat lacking the polish and usual applets that JFK's site has but it does have an interesting feature that JFK does not. While there is not a complete repository for the station's podcasts (outside of the morning and Live evening shows) and the navigation tabs are somewhat weak, WOCM does offer a video stream of the jocks doing their work behind the boards. Although emails about further info on this and podcast availability for Don Geronimo's show were not returned, it will be interesting to see how long the home page will be down if the demand for both streams overwhelms the OCN's servers. With those questions unanswered and since there is no main site for Geronimo, the site gets an incomplete. Here's a screenshot of WOCM:

Right now, Mike's site is the better of the two but if the streams and podcast of Don's show are available at the OCM website, the gap between the two will definitely get closer.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Favre itching to return; Rodgers placed on postal watch

With Aaron Rodgers performing well in the offseason, Brett Favre has let it be known that he is on the verge of coming back to the playing field according the self-described Worldwide Leader. This is a classic narcissistic move by the future Hall of Famer and one that appears to further perpetuate an almost abusive relationship with the current starting QB of the Packers as he once again tries to prolong Rodgers' maturation into a viable starter in the NFL.

From the article, if Favre isn't received with open arms (and a starting spot on the team), he will probably force Green Bay to release him from the remaining two years of his contract and allow him to field offers from other teams. At this point, who wouldn't consider this annual retirement waffling by Favre an act of mental cruelty not only to Rodgers but to the faithful Cheeseheads themselves? Closure is needed by all involved but this interruption by Favre in an effort to soothe his "itch" will most certainly result in a rash decision by the Pack that could cost them a chance at the playoffs.

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DC Animation Seasons Available at iTunes

As I was importing some George Carlin concert mp4s onto the old iPod, I went to the store and saw the ad for new DC shows added (image below). Those shows (all 1st season episodes) are:

  • Adventures of Superman (Live Action)

  • Aquaman

  • Batman Beyond

  • Batman - The Animated Series

  • Superfriends

  • Superman - The Animated Series

  • Superman - The Fleischer Cartoons
Once I clicked the link, I was immediately both happy and sad - happy for the fact that these shows are available for download and sad because I already have them all on the DVD. I mean, I wouldn't be a fanatic if I didn't.

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