Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avast, ye web-surfing scum

Arr, it's "Talk Like a Pirate Day". Put your peepers to this and do iy smartly, you grubby land-lubbers.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Images of the Day for 09-17-07

Sorry that I've been away for awhile but have been fighting the uprising of supposed ethics professors during this whole Patrios taping scandal. But there's nothing like a couple of victories to help clense the palate. Michigan State held off a game Pitt Panthers in a 17-13 win while the recently much-maligned New England Patriots put the boots to the supposed #3 team in the AFC (after NE and Indy) in a 38-14 victory. Nice way to start the workweek, if you ask me.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pats are guilty of spying, according to ESPN Talking Heads

The hardest working man in the NFL biz, Chris Mortensen, has gotten word from league sources that confirm the New England Patriots are guilty of stealing hand signals. And John Clayton says that the penalty will be severe, stating it might cost the Pats a 2nd Rounder and a 5th rounders in next year's draft. Clayton also brings up the fact that defensive signal callers might begin to wear the same equipment as QBs. He, then, concludes the column with a bizarre, almost dismissive thought:

What will be the longterm effect on Belichick and the Patriots? Although this is embarrassing, you can't take away what this franchise can do. They may have the best team in football. Robert Kraft is one of the league's best owners. The team has three Super Bowl rings and a great chance to get a fourth. Other great organizations have paid penalties for violating league rules. The Broncos lost a draft choice for violating the salary cap with John Elway. The Steelers once had to forfeit a third-round draft choice for working out in shoulder pads in the offseason. The Patriots may lose a draft choice or two. And whether or not the Patriots videotaped the Jets' defensive signals, Belichick won't be any less of a coach.

(Article also posted at

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-11-07

Pictured above (Left to Right): Shia LeBeouf, Steven Spielberg, Ray Winstone, Karen Allen, Harrison Ford)
The name for the latest installment of Indiana Jones was announced yesterday by Shia LeBeouf at the MTV Video Music Awards in Vegas.
And the winning title is (drumroll)... "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". One word - Suhweet!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-10-07

In case you're not a big time NFL fan, Kevin Everett suffered what most players fear - an spinal injury on the field. He was injured during a kickoff and was carted off the field. His prognosis is not very rosy with still the possibility of death depending on how his body adjust to the trauma. It's hard not to think of the players on the field to be something similar to live action Madden pixels moving around in a choreographed pattern. But when something like this happens, I definitely take a step back and count my blessings. Here's to wish that young man a speedy and (hopefully) miraculous recovery.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-09-07

AP Photo/Mel Evans

I almost took today off as it was a national holiday in the Schramm compound but since the Pats cruised to a 38-14 victory - I decided to gloat. Please to be reading the following commentary from around the Internets.

Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel
ESPN's Len Pasquarelli
Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-08-07 reports that No Doubt may go back to "their roots" and make a ska-flavored CD, which would be a great change of pace from the crap that is currently out in stores (outside of the recent crop of new hard rock/metal).

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-07-07

I'm not usually one to promote the sites that I frequent (yeah, right) but if you're a sports' nut like me, the above-referenced image is the place that you'll want to go to. is basically like one big sports bar but it includes all teams and all leagues. And since the whole site is based on user participation, there is always something to discuss or argue about. You can even start rivalries with other users. is probably one of the biggest growing sites about sports right now. C'mon, get in on the ground floor and become a part of the newest scene, man.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-06-07

Ripped from the KFR headlines - my post about the price slashing of the iPhone and the new iPod. Read all about it (and my subsequent discussion with Steve in the comments section) here.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What questions for Ken Jennings

Around this time last year, I tried to swing an interview for my column at Quick Stop Entertainment with Mr. Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame. I read that his new book was going to be called Brainiac and he did mention that he was a fan of the comic book medium. So, I thought that getting an interview would have been a match made in 4-color heaven, or at the very least, a "no-brainer".

I wrote a few sample questions and sent an email to his domain address. Within a couple of days, I received word from his agent stating that he would be taking interview requests closer to his book release date. I acknowledged her email with a couple jokes and waited for my turn in line.

The release date came and went with no word. A week also ran past me like Tomlinson does the Raiders D. And you can see where I'm going with this (especially if you read the post title). After a few weeks, I began to realize that I was given the email equivalent of a blowoff.

I was going to trash the question since they were no longer relevant and no question likes to go unanswered. But I thought better about it. They're not naked light bulb, sweat your ass off questions. But they're not lame one either, at least in my opinion.

So, I will let you decide. Please let me know what you think. I'm not Ed Bradley. Hell, I'm not even James Lipton but I would like to think that I could carry a conversation with anyone.

Why write a book?

Other than the obvious, why pick Brainiac as the title?

Your blog gained some unnecessary flack about your revelation about the existence of the Trebeck 3000 humanoid. Were you surprised about how devoted the cult of Jeopardy are to its cybernetic leader?

Do you feel that your intelligence has been devalued at all due to the normal dumbing down that has become a part of the world's culture of celebrity?

I watched most of your historic run on Jeopardy and your knowledge of comics (both in strip and book form) came in pretty handy. What role do you think that reading comic books as a kid in the 70's in helping develop your intellect? (Follow-up question) For point of reference purposes, what was the last comic book that you read?

What were some of the perks that you never even thought that you'd get just from being on Jeopardy?

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Image of the Day for 09-05-07

I'm on the fence about the latest batch of TV shows with elements of sci-fi and comic book mythos such as Heroes and Battlestar Galatica will generate any more comic book readers than are previously in existence. But there's always hope. The image above is for the aforementioned Heroes Hardcover that is due out in stores October 24th. If you're interested, here's the write-up about it:
This stunning hardcover collects the amazing online comics based on the smash-hit, Emmy Award-nominated NBC show HEROES! This volume — featuring two stunning covers by comics legends Jim Lee and Alex Ross — also includes an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro), all 34 chapters of Season One, and Tim Sale's artwork as seen on the show. The comics included have been written and illustrated by some of comics' and television's top writers and artists, including Michael Turner, Phil Jimenez, Marcus To, and more!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where You Should Buy The Office Season 3

It's another week and it's another TV series DVD set that you should definitely get. Here's the breakdown on where and how much you should pay for The Office Season 3:

Cheapest On-Line Price: ($31.99)
Cheapest Brick & Mortar Price: Circuit City ($29.99)
Exclusive Merch Collector's Edition: Dundie Award, Dwight Schrute mini-bobblehead and welcome letter - pictured above (Best Buy, $42.99)

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Image of the Day for 09-04-07

(Photo by KEVIN W. FOWLER/For the Lansing State Journal)

In all of the other things that happened over the weekend (Labor Day, U of M losing, WWE suspensions), I forgot to talk up how badly the Spartans needed an opening day win in a way to totally create a fresh start for the Dantonio Era in East Lansing. Well, they did take it to the Blazers of UAB (owners of my old Fantasy Football team's logo) in a big way and cruised to a 55-18 victory. Jehuu Caulcrick went for 93 yards on 10 carries with scores of 1, 5, 42, and 5 yards, earning him Big Ten Offensive co-Player of the Week. This Saturday is the Falcons of Bowling Green (whose team colors are Orange - crazy Ohioans). For one week in the fall, the Spartans looked way better than the Wolverines and that feels very good.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-03-07

For the past couple of weeks, my son has been getting his comic book geek wings by asking for (and most of the time) receiving the Hasbro/Marvel Super Hero Squad figures. His current obsession with super heroes rivals my own, which brings a tear to my eye. It's hard for me, as a parent, to limit his toy purchases when I myself would buy all of them in a heartbeat for him. so, as a nod to the boy, here's a new sculpt of Venom, who is one of the newest figures from the next wave of Spider-Man Super Hero Squad. Have a good Labor Day, y'all.

Image is from

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-02-07

After years and years of waiting (I refer to it as The Chinese Democracy of Hip-Hop), Q-Tip's forever-in-the-works CD, The Renaissance, is expected to hit the shelves in the early part of 2008. To help get some early buzz as well as probably mending some faith with his longtime fans, Tip gave a brief description of three tracks from the new CD - Official, Be Brave, and Fever, to Entertainment Weekly's First Listen. He also gave an exclusive online interview about the trails and tribulations of moving from Arista to Dreamworks to Interscope to Geffen to (finally) Universal Motown. The interview will truly fascinate you.

Now, before you get all jazzed with anticipation about finally buying the disc, I've heard this song and dance before (as far back as 2005), so I'm taking any news about The Renaissance with a grain of salt.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-01-07

I love it when the all-mighty preseason polls take a hit on the first week of the year and thankfully, U of M does not disappoint me in this fashion this year as they lose to a very tough but beatable Appalachian State, 34-32. In classic underachiever fashion, Michigan let their opponents get a big lead, fight back to lead late in the game then let victory slip through their fingers. As decidedly biased MSU fan, this loss pleases me to no end; almost more than seeing the Spartans take it to Division I-A UAB. But even objectively, this loss may haunt the Wolverines through out the whole year.

More info about the game can be found here - > App State v. Michigan

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