Sunday, September 2, 2007

Image of the Day for 09-02-07

After years and years of waiting (I refer to it as The Chinese Democracy of Hip-Hop), Q-Tip's forever-in-the-works CD, The Renaissance, is expected to hit the shelves in the early part of 2008. To help get some early buzz as well as probably mending some faith with his longtime fans, Tip gave a brief description of three tracks from the new CD - Official, Be Brave, and Fever, to Entertainment Weekly's First Listen. He also gave an exclusive online interview about the trails and tribulations of moving from Arista to Dreamworks to Interscope to Geffen to (finally) Universal Motown. The interview will truly fascinate you.

Now, before you get all jazzed with anticipation about finally buying the disc, I've heard this song and dance before (as far back as 2005), so I'm taking any news about The Renaissance with a grain of salt.

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