Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey - Wha Happened?

Of all of the weeks to take a short vacation from the keyboard. August is supposed to be the boring or "dead" month of Summer before Falls begins but this past couple of days seems to bring tons of news from all corners of the Pop Culture world. Think of when the last time these events happened in the span of a couple of days:
  • The death of two highly visiable Hollywood entertainers (Issac Hayes and Bernie Mac)

  • The death of so many Olympic and World Records in Beijing

  • The death (and possible resurrection) of Wolfmother, an up-and-coming band that contributed to the reimmergence of rock in American music
When you count that today is Madden 09 Day and that Metallica not only announced the completion of Death Magnetic but also tour dates for the first leg of their North American tour, August has become very newsworthy.

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