Thursday, August 14, 2008

Viral Video - Olympic Snap

I saw this last night via my brother on LiveLeak but it has been taken down due to NBC copyright infringement. But luckily, Deadspin has an embedded video of the live stream of this stomach-turning incident.

Obviously, the injury is pretty brutal. But you gotta love a couple of things with this video. First, the fact that it was replayed as many times as when Theismann became a half-foot shorter in one leg thanks to the infamous LT sack. And that there are a team of five or six workers that are responsible for shielding the injured participant (and that those workers move strangely like riot police).

The only thing that is missing from this video that I liked on the LiveLeak version was the Aussie commentators voicing their disgust about replaying the injury over and over again.

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chazer said...

It looked kind of bad but compared to Theismann’s injury or even the injury that Sid Vicious had in the ring about 10 years ago make this Olympic injury appear a little on the tame side. I would think his back would be in a world of hurt with the bar smacking him on the way down.

Britt Schramm said...

True. It's no way as physically sickening as Theismann or even the Vicious ones but I would put it on par with the hit that Macho Man took when he jumped from the top rope off the mat and put an elbow on a metal barricade. I still think that it brutal when you wince and feel a twinge in your own body when you see it.