Thursday, August 7, 2008

New BS In The News

Just a quick note while I'm on a little min-eye vacation...

I'm back in the column writing business but with a new twist. The good folks at Patriots Daily have done the unthinkable and have given me valuable writing space on their site to offer not only my take on the Pats and their next opponents but that of pro columnists, forum posters and other cyber "analysts" (you know, the ones who use IMO in almost every sentence uttered). Here's what the site's editor had to say this morning (and yes, this is pure ego-stroking):

Britt Schramm will be our go-to guy for a new Friday morning feature that will be focused on the coming weekend’s opponent. Britt will look beyond the Globe and Herald scouting reports to see what’s really been happening with the next team on the Pats schedule. Britt’s another experienced, articulate blogger who’s devoted to the Pats, and I feel like we’ve been lucky to attract people like him, Tyler and Chris to the PD masthead this season. I can’t wait to get rolling.

The column name is still to be determined. But I can tell you that I am looking forward to working with Scott and the rest of the PD staff. I have a feeling that this is a start of a beautiful relationship. You can read the rest of Scott's post right here.

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