Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Best of Both" programming is announced by merged Sirius XM

FMBQ reported yesterday on Sirius XM's PR about the new programming available on the merged networks. Best of Both package will offer both former XM-only and Sirius-only subscribers a few channels from the other service. Here's the breakdown:

The Press Release also gave some more description on what the package will entail:

Included on the "Best of" XM on SIRIUS will be such shows as Basketball and Beyond, hosted by Duke and Olympic basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski; Andretti Green, with driver Danica Patrick; 60/20, a sports magazine show by Luke Russert and James Carville; Indy Racing League car races; and games from the top college conferences, including the PAC 10, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East and ACC.
To me, the XM owners got the best deal in the Best of Both package. They not only get the man who made Sirius, Howard Stern, and his secondary channel, scoring the two sports that lend itself to radio (the NFL play-by-play for all 32 teams and NASCAR) that they didn't have before plus Playboy Radio while still keeping the excellent Boneyard and it only costs an additional $17? I'm this close to being finally sold on the satellite radio experiment come October 6th when this package, new programming and a la carte ordering will be offered.

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