Monday, September 8, 2008

Seinfeld brings "nothing" to Microsoft's new ad

The Associated Press is reporting that the new Microsoft commercial featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld is bombing with viewers. The Baltimore Sun's pro-Mac columnist David Zeiler is claiming the reasons why the commercial doesn't do what Apple's PC versus Mac ads do is because there are no real benefits for using a PC running Vista over a Leopard-fueled Mac. Excuse why I file this under non-objective journalist run amok on keyboard.

Granted, Vista is not the greatest OS around; hell, it's probably dead last. But the point is that the commercial is not about Vista; it's really supposed to be about nothing computer-related at all. The idea behind these commercials is to show that Microsoft has become so integral with the world at large that their OS-helmed processes are running behind the scenes which allows for two people to talk about absolutely nothing and still get things accomplished.

You've got Seinfeld, who is not in full-on shill mode (like the one for AmEx with Superman while he was still shooting his sitcom or the one for HP to plug the theatrical release of his Bee Movie). And Gates has already left the company but is still the face of Microsoft. So, if the overall plan is to reveal how big Microsoft has become, why not go for the quirky slow burn at the beginning of the series of commercials? With the players involved, it makes sense not to hit the viewers over the head with blatant mugging to pimp Vista and go a more sublime route.

Here's the clip below. Am I wrong? If so, please nlighten me.

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tommy said...

I liked it...made me smile a couple of times, and all I ever do at the I'm a PC, I'm a mac commercials is fume. I hate them, they insult me because I use a pc, BUT I also use mac's, every day, and I use them seamlessly, AND don't prefer one to the other. That said , one is more reasonably priced.