Friday, September 26, 2008

Looking Forward to The Secret Saturdays

Next Friday evening will be the debut of this great monster movie/Johnny Quest mash-up called The Secret Saturdays on Cartoon Network. The show is the creation of Jay Stephens, a guy who has come up with comic books Jetcat and The Land of Nod then went on to make the animated series Tutenstien.

I'm looking forward to this show as from what I have read and seen, it looks like a show that has parts of shows like the aforementioned Quest show and bits of Scooby-Doo along with the great parts of classic monster movies and a smidge of superheroics. Without giving too much away, it is the story of a family of three scientific adventures who are fighting against an evil, egocentric villain while trying to discover more about a species called Cryptids.

To find out more and to play a great online 2-d scroller game, go to the Cartoon Network website. The Secret Saturdays will premeire October 3rd at 8PM EST.

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JK Hulon said...

After watching the premier episode at least five times in a row (long story) I must say the show grew on me. I'd only seen a two minute teaser beforehand and wasn't overly impressed. I don't know why, maybe the animation style, the way it was cut, the voice acting. But the first episode won me over. It'll be interesting to see how the show grows and progresses.

Britt Schramm said...

Five + times? Wow, you must work somewhere really cool to allow you to do that. It's almost like you can see it OnDemand. ;)

After watching the first episode, I can see the show trying to straddle the line between the Ben10 fare and a more older humor crowd. I can say that at least teh first show will keep me around for a couple more.