Monday, September 1, 2008

Killer Exclusive Indy and Iron Man DVD Sets at Best Buy

I know that last week I just noticed that Iron Man was being released at the end of this month but now, I've not only stumbled upon the Best Buy exclusive for Marvel's latest blockbuster but also one for the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones flick (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

Both sets feature mini-busts created by Sideshow Collectibles, a recent player in the statue and bust arena. Their work has been lauded for its details and quality so I'm sure that both bust will look great. But for my money, I like the more traditional Crystal Skull one instead of the garish ID plaque that they used for Iron Man.

Both $50 retail sets include the 2-disc DVD version of the movie, the mini-bust and a $50 gift cert for Sideshow

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