Monday, October 13, 2008

For $1.6 mil, you too can live like a Radio God

Got this alert from Google but held on to posting it since I thought that it might be pulled. Why the precaution? Because the house pictured above is the former Northern Virginia residence of one Don Geronimo, DJ extraordinaire now retired, and it is for sale. I know of the neighborhood since that area is an old haunt of mine and the price is a fair one for the size of the land (over 3 acres) and the house itself (all of amenities including the much-talked about cave) are very nice. I hope that the area's decline market won't affect the sale but I do have a feeling that it is one of the reasons behind the marketing push that trades on Doni's name. Stalkers, beware; he lives in the OC now and will not be availble for capturing, Rupert Pupkin-style.

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