Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Website - nerd dads

Just to make sure that I have occupy all of my free time doing stuff on the Internets, I have joined up with fellow my KFR cronies Steve and Andrew to blog about being a dad in a pop-culture world. The site is called (as if the logo and this post's title were not clear enough) nerd dad.

The site should reflect the thoughts and ideas of a group of dads who are deep into geek culture and how it's passed on/tolerated by their offspring. will have frequent posts and will cover the gambit for dads on the possible cutting edge - from new tech for dads to kiddie-based nerd items to mold the youngster into the nerd of tomorrow to the prerequisite cute kid pics.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have included the link to Nerddads over on the right under the More BS bullet for ease of accessiblity. So, stop by and watch as I perpetually embarrass my kids for years to come which will result in pricey therapy sessions in less than 10 years time.

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