Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rough Day for NBA Offspring

In a couple of moves that really shocked no one who watches the games, Coby Karl (son of George Karl, current coach of Denver Nuggets) and Patrick Ewing, Jr. (son of you know) both were shown the door as NBA teams made their mandatory cuts to the roster limit of 15.

I never understood why Karl had a roster spot on the Lakers to begin with other than his connection. 6'5" guards that have a hard time playing the point are right now a dime a dozen and most of them aren't a potential source for inter-conference melodrama.

I do have a feeling that Ewing Jr will be signed by another team and sent to the NBDL due to his swingman size (6'8") and potential upside based on his preseason play. Unfortunately, this year's incarnation of the New York Knickerbockers is a team in transition with a need for proven players and can't take a chance on developing/refining Ewing Jr's skills. When you factor the anchor of Starbury around their figurative neck by his contract and taking a roster spot, the choice was a non-issue.

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