Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How To Get Free MP3s Part 1: "Falling Away" - Sprite Commercial

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs as feverishly as I have, the generous people at TNT have been bombarding you with this Sprite commercial about the local park kids jumping into the court which magically turns into a pool. The ending image is the one shown above.

The snipet of the song that is played during this commercial is very hooky and I was curious in finding the song and the person/group who played it. After a quick 2 minutes of googling, I found this post from Duncan's TV Ad Land dated November 2005 which not only detailed the name (Falling Away) and origins of the song (it was made by a sound house), but listed the lyrics to the song, a link to a Quicktime version of the commercial and a detailed list to get the free MP3 of the song.

The one problem - you have to go through about 100+ useless posts from idiots. And since this blog is not only a wealth of entertainment value but also a public service forum, here's the list to score the free swag:

  1. Go to the German Sprite Website (beware - the language is in German)
  2. Click on the words Sound & Download
  3. Click on the words MP3 Download
  4. Enter Makari in blank field then click Go
  5. Click the checkbox for the version that you want (Original, Go Disco, Chill Out, Elektro Pop, or Urban Beat version) and click on the words MP3 Herunterladen
The file that is downloaded is a Zip file but it does contains the MP3 with the English lyrics. Stay tuned for tomorrow's Free MP3 from The Offspring

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