Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Other Side of Harvey Dent from "The Dark Knight"

Editor's Note - It appears that the image has been removed from its source. If anyone has another copy, please let the link in the comments. Thx, Mgmt

Yes, this is the other side of scarred District Attorney Harvey Dent, otherwise known as Two Face from this summer's The Dark Knight movie. As you can see, this is definitely not your older brother's (or Joel Schumaker's) version from 12 years ago. But as is the case with much of Christopher Nolan's take on DC's Batmythos, the more realistic, the better.

The image above was posted originally on the supreme comic industry gossip site, Lying In the Gutters, but said image was removed by the columnist (Rich Johnson) due to a request by Warner Brothers. Fortunately, I found this image on a Batman board (1966 Batman Board).

But is everything as it seems? It may not be, according to Batman-On-Film.com:

It's real, however it's one of the very early concept designs (remember what I reported to you regarding the look of The Joker before that was public knowledge? This image of Two Face is from around the same period of early design tests). Just like the early concept design of The Joker largely informed the final look, it wasn't dead on (i.e. They decided to retain the purple suit rather than the raggedy, pieced together costume, etc), but certain elements carried through to the final screen version (The “Cut Smile“).

In the case of this particular design, it's closer to what you'll see than that early Joker design was, but it's not a good representation of what it looks like on camera (and, as I alluded to above, it's not *exactly* what the screen look is). It's not really what you'll see in the movie, but the general idea is still very much intact.

I don't mean to be overly cryptic, but I know that a lot of people are trying to retain the surprise of the Two-Face look, and this concept art doesn't properly represent what Aaron looks like onscreen.”

My take? I'm a fan of Christopher Nolan in general and of Batman Begins in particular and I like the look as it is. It stays true to the overall tone of Batman Begins without going all the way into the horror disfigurement. And let's be honest - when someone, even a well-to-do District Attorney, get acid thrown in the face, that person will not walk away looking like Tommy Lee Jones with green skin on one side of their face.

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Anonymous said...

Everything is as it seems. The LITG report stated that it was concept art.