Saturday, May 10, 2008

Michael George Trial gets the "Dateline" treatment

In case you missed it last night, the Michael George murder trial was the subject of a Dateline piece called (very unoriginal, I might add) The Comic Book Murder. The trial was covered here from the date of arrest to the trial's verdict but the rehash of the events leading up to the end was still a decent watch albeit somewhat sad to see how divided the families involved really are. The only problem that I have with correspondent Dennis Murphy's piece was the introductory sentence:

In the front of the mom-and-pop comic book shop were bins of the fantasies: Spidey, Hulk and X-Men.
Why does every non-comic book reader refer to the medium as fantasies? I know that it was to setup the grizzly details in the back of the store but he could've taken a better tact than that. Just like movies, TV and other entertainment mediums, comic books offer more than just fantasies. Hey, Murphy, get out and live in the real world a little. If you want to view the abbreviated version, click on the player below. If you're interested in the transcript of the entire show, click here.

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