Friday, May 2, 2008

Your 5 Random Facts for May 2

Left here wondering where all of the good things will happen next, here are the 5:

  1. O'Meara's Restaurant, aka Hank's Lookaround Cafe, has closed its doors according to Unfortunately, the closure was just the other shoe waiting to drop once the hours of operation were moved to weekends only.

  2. Clemens has been reported (By the New York Daily News) to be involved with John Daly's ex. Judging from the last two women who have been linked to Clemens outside of his wife, it just proves the saying that Texans do like everything big.

  3. (In the Larry King voice) Iron Man will break the record for biggest take in the first weekend in May - you heard it here first!

  4. In another prediction, the Celts will win tonight by 8 points or more thus closing out the Hawks season.

  5. Last night's Office was not one for the archives. It was meandering and directionless with one funny bit (Creed's response to Pam's vision issues). With only two more episode left in the season, the show needs to go out stronger than last night's one.

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