Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the winner of the first product endorsement of the NBA Finals goes to...

PG Rajon Rondo for this new drink called "Purple". The pitch:

Yo...I started drinking this new healthy drink called Purple - The bottle says it's the most powerful antioxidant beverage on the planet. Supposed to help the body recover so day after the NBA Finals I started drinking it. One of their mottos is "It's all good" - I like that. Plus they are focused on social causes so it really is all good. You can check them out at I made a little video about Purple yesterday - check that out too. I'll holla
Rondo, you had me at drinking. Now do as he says and check out the vid below...

*Update* - Just saw this on Celtics Blog:

All I know is that adidas better be coming out with that 2008 Parade T-shirt or some people are going to get hurt. I'm not saying nuthin'.

(Video via his blog over at Yardbarker).

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