Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bob Ryan goes after ESPN's Sports Guy

It appears that Bob Ryan has something against the Worldwide Leader's biggest web page producer. In yesterday's blog post on The Boston Globe's website by Mr. Ryan, the heralded columnist goes right after Bill Simmons (albeit without naming him specifically) concerning the history of the Celts/Lakers rivalry. Ryan goes so far as to try to discount Simmons by calling him a "false prophet". He also stated that Simmons failed do his homework in regards to Simmons' recent magazine column.

However, I think that Ryan's growing dislike for Simmons may have blinded his judgment as he failed to recognize the fact that Simmons was going for the absurd angle on the argument and trying his best to be like the acting "editor-in-chief" Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson. But even though Ryan may have been wrong in calling out Simmons on this one doesn't make him any less right on his assessment of the over-hyped Sports Guy.

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