Monday, June 16, 2008

The Middleman - Watch It Before It On TV Legally

Just came across this link and thought that I'd pass it along; especially since it is comics-related. The Middleman, originally a comic from indie label Viper Comics, is now an ABC Family series premiering tonight at 8 PM EST. However, iTunes has it available for download for free today before the show even airs.

I have downloaded the show but due to impatient kids, I haven't had a chance to spec it out (although from here, the leading actress could be Liv Tyler's illegitimate Hispanic sister) so there is no short review/preview for you to chew on. But from what the setup looks like, think of Men In Black but made for TV. If that grabs your fancy and you have the bandwidth/memory, click on the image to get it (and obviously you must have iTunes installed to get it):

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