Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Radio Rewind - Last Hour of 105.1 WAVA (Top 40, Washington DC)

Due to the slow death of commercial terrestrial radio, I've been looking for some classic digital bits from my youth on the Internets and found this wonderful gem. The last hour of 105.1 WAVA (also known as All Hits 105 and Power 105) does its best to gather all of the events, jingles and most notably the deejays of the station starting when it changed formats from Album Oriented Rock (AOR) to Contemporary Hits Radio (CHR) or Top 40 in 1983 until its last breath on Febraury 12, 1992.

Deejays highlighted were TK Tom Kent, Flash Phillips (aka Gene "Bean" Baxter), Capt. Dave Fogel, Charlie and Harrigan, and the hour's true centerpiece, Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara otherwise known as "The Don and Mike Show".

If you're an old guy like me and love the medium, this might be a breath of fresh air. However, if you're under 30 or hate Top 40, I truly feel sorry for you.

Click the image below to hear/download the MP3:

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