Monday, July 23, 2007

A Fanatic Medley - July 23, 2007

Rather than do one long ass post, I've decided to mash-up a "Fanatic Medley" of the news items that caught my eye over the past weekend and something that is upcoming this week:

  • Boston won the Battle of the Soxes as the Red ones swept the White ones from Chicago. That certainly makes up for the stumbling that they did against the lowly Royals. The downside to this three game win streak (if there is such a thing) is the Yanks practically destroyed the Rays and kept pace with the surging Sox. This AL East pennant isn't going to come easily. Tonight, Jon Lester, 11 months removed from being treated for anaplastic large cell lymphoma, is on the mound and if there a dry eye in Fenway, they're a heartless bastard. Not everyone needs to be a Red Sox fan but for tonight, everybody should be a Jon Lester fan.
  • On the DVD front, The Secrets of Isis - The Complete Series comes out tomorrow and from what I hear, the transfer from the film to DVD was not cleaned up and unfortunately shows its age. Normally, the idea of a grainy or poppy transfer would scare the hell out of me but since this old Filmation classic is finally seeing a DVD release, I'm not going to hesitate buying this one.
  • One of the more recent additions to the DC Comics library has been the releasing of Showcase trades. These books offer a huge value for consumers with a list price of around $17 for over 500 pages of classic black and white content. One of these Showcase books that was released at the beginning of the month was Showcase Presents: Batgirl, Vol. 1. Heidi over at Comics Fairplay gave it a glowing review stating "The Showcase Presents: Batgirl collection is a perfect addition to any collection. If you catch it on your retailer’s shelf grab a copy. It is worth the price of admission to relive the glory days of one of the most daring heroines in DC’s annals."

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