Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Name Is Earl Season 2 cover art is released

Just a quick hitter today...

FOX Home Entertainment has announced that My Name Is Earl Season 2 will be available for purchase on September 25th. They also released the cover art for the DVD (pictured below):

While you come to expect some bonus features like the traditional Deleted Scenes when buying a season set, the Commentary Tracks will probably make this set one to watch over and over. For this season, some of the commentators are the standard fare like the lead actor (Jason Lee), the co-star (Ethan Suplee), and the show creator (Greg Garcia).

But then you get people like Giovanni Ribisi, Amy Sedaris, Tim Stack, Beau Bridges and even a couple of fans of the show to lay down some voice work about the shows. That's making the package a whole lot sweeter. Plus, it's a very subtle way to get people like me who will watch these shows once they're syndicated to buy the DVDs when they're relased. Also, this season really brought the funny with the COPS episode, the Foreign Exchange Student episode, and of course the bittersweet season ender, The Trial. Seems like September 25th will on come fast enough.

Further details about this release can be found at

You can pre-order My Name Is Earl, Season 2 from our good friends at

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