Friday, July 27, 2007

New Finds in Toyland

A new Target opened in my area which, of course, I had to check out. And no trip to Target is complete without making a run through the Toy area. So, while I was letting the kids run wild with their selections to viwe in the car, I found two expcetional finds; at least for me.

The first one was a Batman figure from the first wave of the DC Superfriends line (pictured below):

Obviously, by the look of them, these figures are similar in form and style to those Spider-Man and Friends pre-school characters that are all over the place. I posted a review of the figure on KFR.

The other item that piqued my interest was a 2005 Ford Mustang GT Die-Cas car with a DeWalt #17 repaint (pictured below):

Since the other NASCAR fans in the house like the #48 car and also I'm as curious as the Man in the Yellow Hat's little friend, I did a little (very little) searching on the web. Turns out that these 1 Badd Ride cars are exclusive to Target for a time and there could be others possibly in future waves. Here's what the board admin (quite possible an owner but could not verify at the time of posting) from the manufacturer of these cars (Professional Collectibles Ltd.):

Hi everyone,

Yes we are launching a new line of NASCAR 1 BADD RIDE diecast in 1:24 and 1:64 scale. You can find them currently in Target and soon to be in more retailers. The first series of 1:64 includes six drivers # 01 Mark Martin Army Vette, # 17 Matt Kenseth DeWALT Mustang, # 99 office Depot Carl Edwards Ford GT, # 26 Jamie Mcmurray IRWIN Ford GT, # 6 David Ragan AAA Mustang, # 16 Greg Biffle
Ameriquest 67' Shelby GT 500

1:24 NASCAR first series has # 01 Mark Martin Army Vette, # 17 Matt Kenseth DeWALT Mustang, # 99 office Depot Carl Edwards 67' Shelby GT 500. These cars came out looking great. We are excited to be working with NASCAR and look forward to being able to grow our business and bring all of you fans new vehicle castings in the future. Did you see the sneek peak of the new Challenger? Thanks to everyone for your continued support.


Hopefully, that means a Jimmy Johnson repaint on a Corvette will be produced to the eager anticipation of fans everywhere, including my house.

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