Thursday, July 19, 2007

If guilty, Ron Mexico might be looking at getting more STDs

It made news today that Michael Vick cited as "Ron Mexico" during his infamous herpes trouble now known on the legal briefs as "Ookie" has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury of "conspiracy" and violations of the "Travel Act" in regards to his involvement with a dog-fighting ring ensconced in his Virginia mansion. Lester Munson of the Worldwide Leader writes that

Vick is in real trouble. He is up against the might and majesty of the U.S.
government with all of its agents, all of its investigative techniques and all
of its skilled prosecutors. If he has any doubts about the power and skill of
the forces arrayed against him, he can call Scooter Libby, former chief of staff
to vice president Dick Cheney, or he can call Lord Conrad Black, the disgraced
media mogul facing time in a federal penitentiary. If he still isn't convinced,
he can call Jeff Skilling, the zillionaire former Enron CEO who is residing in a
federal pen. All three of them hired brilliant (and expensive) lawyers. All
three thought they could explain their way out from under federal charges. And
all three were convicted. Vick can, and probably will, hire some of America's
best defense lawyers, but they will face a serious battle.

Based on the people he associates with (part of them are his relatives) as well as his brother's past actions, is it hard to believe that Vick is, in fact, guilty of more than these charges? Not really. Will he be convicted in court? Still hard to tell but this case will be a true test of how much preferential treatment that celebrity and professional athletics are given in today's judicial system. One thing is for sure, in the court of public and press opinion, Vick is already guilty of extremely bad judgment.

(Dog pictured above is one that was rescued by the Humane Society from the Vick compound.)

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