Monday, July 30, 2007

It's official - Wolverine's story is going right into the crapper

I was and still am a firm believer behind the idea of Wolverine having his past be a mystery not only to us but to himself as well. Unfortunately, the people who run the show over at Marvel have decided that everything about the man formerly known as Logan should be spoon-fed to the readers like pre-K children. Sure, Wolverine: Origins was a success in the variant cover/ overhyped speculator way but as a story, it was very woeful. What's worse is that if this story couldn't be told in a compelling way; just imagine when a writer who's not in Paul Jenkins' league is tabbed to tell the next piece of the Wolverine mythos puzzle.

Well, that rooster has come home to roost; although he came with a very solid writer in tow. has given Loeb the verbal beatdown with the release of Wolverine (3rd Series) #55 which is the conclusion of the "Evolution" story line. Here are some choice snippets from the review:

"...Failed comics come in many types. Some are the result of catastrophic miscommunications between writer and editor. Some are due to deadline crashes or last-minute changes of plan. Some are basically good ideas marred by inept execution. And then there are stories like these - stories that fail on every level, from the basic concept through to the plot, the research, and the details of the script. Stories where the pacing is shot to hell, and even the dumb entertainment value is almost entirely absent. Stories with nothing to recommend them whatsoever. It is genuinely surprising to see a writer as experienced as Jeph Loeb producing a story quite this poor.

...I mean, where do you start? It's not a story. It's just a string of random events in no logical sequence that happens to lead to a big revelation that we're supposed to care about. Why are we supposed to care about it? Because it's a revelation. Characters wander onto the page and off again without ever having a good reason to be there. It's disjointed, it lacks pacing, it lacks tension, and frankly, it would disgrace a novice fanfic writer."

And then he pays a compliment to Chuck Austen, of all people. This comic has to be really bad for that compliment to be paid. I won't include any real spoilers from the issue other than Wolverine should not be evolved from a line of Wolf-men. He should be just an under-evolved man with very aggressive animalistic tendencies. If I want to read about wolf-men, I would pick up Kirkman's Amazing Wolf-man series at Image.

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