Saturday, July 14, 2007

welcome one and all!

This right here is the new home to my rants on all things to do with the worlds of TV, music, movies, sports and the repellent of single women everywhere, comic books. Please bookmark this site and come back on the coming days for more zaniness from those topics' foremost mind with the most free time.

Seriously, thanks for taking making your way here and I hope that you stick around.


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James Meeley said...

Hey Britt! Welcome to the blogoverse (or should that be welcome back?)!

Now, don't let the jerks, trolls, political hardliners, agenda-driven fanboys and fangirls, and chowheadhead know-it-all-know-nothings fool you. Once you do this for a while, you'll come to see you've made a mistake you'll totally live to regret. ;)

Seriously, have fun with this. And stop by my blog sometime (you can see it in my profile). It's light on commentary, but big on FUN!

Greg McElhatton said...

He's alive!