Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spartans squeak in at #55 in ESPN Top 119 Pigskin

Not exactly a banner assessment but sometimes the truth hurts. Here's the Worldwide Leader's review of Michigan State:

#55 - Michigan State
W/L: 61-58
Win %: .513
Titles: 0
Bowl Record: 2-2

Perennially the Big Ten's most underachieving program, MSU constantly shot itself in the foot in the John L. Smith era. Penalties and late-season collapses became MSU trademarks. There was a lot of talent but little productivity to show for it in the standings. The past 10 years, MSU was 19-37 against the rest of the Big Ten. On the positive side, the Spartans did rank No. 21 in the nation last season in attendance. That said, coach Mark Dantonio's discipline figures to be a welcome addition.

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