Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gordon Turned by Kenseth as Busch takes win in Michigan

(Image provided by NASCAR.com)

#2 Kurt Busch and #1 Martin Truex, Jr. finish one-two in Michigan. But what was more notable (at least to me) was that Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon tangle up again near the end of the race. This seems to be an annual occurance that either the 17 or the 24 get into the other. In the post-race interview, Gordon sluffed off any inference of being angry at Kenseth other than saying that he was trying to see if he could get the car tightened up before going into the wall and Kenseth must've gotten too impatient. I'd bet if he was competing to get in The Chase, his tuen probably would've been different but since he's locked in and is only looking for bonus points for win, the news of placing 27th as well as not getting the car totaled wasn't too hard to take.

Story Link: ESPN.com

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