Wednesday, August 1, 2007

See You In Toledo Call Letters

Here's a copy of the post that I made earlier this morning at your second new favorite website, KungFu Rodeo:

The US Government is truly an example of the old adage that the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. Case in point, the FCC has become the big moral compass/watchdog concerning what goes over the “free” airwaves by handing out fines left and right for “infractions” that they deem outside the bounds of normal decency. This kind of hyper-aggressiveness has turned what was a vastly entertaining and sometimes organically funny method of delivering music, talk, traffic, and weather together to whoever had a working radio into a timid, demo-geared and rotation-based corporate machine.

Now, pair that with the latest list of call letters that were released this past week by said FCC. Hidden in this document was the very subversive KUNT call sign for an inactive station based
out of Maui. As the article states in the link provided above, the owner of this station (KM Communications, Inc.) also owns the call sign KWTF, another soon-to-be classic.

I’m sure that this grievous omission will be rectified by the all-mighty FCC. However, me thinks that someone at KM has a sense of humor. Thank god, at least someone in radio still does.

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