Sunday, August 19, 2007

Image of the Day for 08-19-07

In the time honored tradition as Code Red, Livewire and my beloved Pitch Black, the people over at PepsiCo have decided to create a new limited edition Mountain Dew hybrid. This one is called Game Fuel, which has nothing to do with the flavor combination (similar to Livewire) and everthing to do with its promotion with HALO 3. This concoction has a mixture of Citrus and Cherry (like Code Red) flavors. And oddly, it tastes like something completely different. It has a more of a high school punch flavor but with a kick. And damn it if it wasn't addicting as well. Don't get me wrong; I'm still down with OPB (Ole Pitch Black, yeah you know me) but this one will make Dew, for now.

Product Link: Mountain Dew Game Fuel

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