Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Milwaukee's Best gets popped

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Saw this news item crawl across the 'Net and had to say something about it. Infamous basketball coach-choker and player Latrell Spreewell has had his yacht, aptly named Milwaukee's Best (pictured above), repossessed by the New York bank that still holds the $1.3 million loan. While it's never funny to see someone go through some financial hardship (unless that person is Dustin Diamond), there is a bit o' irony concerning this loss that I can't help but share. Here's a pull from the newsfeed:

Sprewell played 13 National Basketball Association seasons. He last appeared in 2004-'05 for the Minnesota Timberwolves and at the beginning of that
season rejected a three-year, $21-million contract extension. In the midst of negotiations, Sprewell scoffed at the idea of playing out the season and then becoming a free agent.

"Why would I want to help them win a title?" he said. "They're not doing anything for me. I'm at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed. Anything could happen."

The four-time all-star played out the season but hasn't returned to the league.

Hey, Spree, if you need a job, maybe you can get one over at the Garden. The Celts need a body that will sign for the veteran minimum.


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