Monday, August 20, 2007

Image of the Day for 08-20-07

Saw these fine pair of kicks on Kung Fu Rodeo and really brought back some memories of living in the Land of the Rising Sun. The link that KFR provided was all in Japanese and I wanted to know what it would take for me to secure one of these limited edition shoes. That was until I saw the price of these suckas (¥16,800, which equates to US $146.38). But I was still curious on how the shoes were pitched. So, thanks to our friends in the translation department at, here's the Japanese-to-English translation:

[This commodity is the reservation commodity]

BATMAN×UBIQ which is actualized with the Warner brothers and cooperation production. UBIQ that you adopt it is not upper the comic handle for the whole upper, the logograph of BATMAN and for the lining of the mouth, it can meet wear adopt play heart which seems the design which overflows. Furthermore in special model such as the BOX which represents the package of TOY it has become the suitable completion. Marketing route, both the number of feet the complete limited model which is squeezed arranging” BATMAN” of the next year release which this time the special preceding incoming order only of FLAUGE actualizes in UBIQ style, release. This time, single-engine is not and the match which the model release is done over the approximately 1 years to movie release being release, it has become. The selection shop which is Harajuku, “[kineteikusu]” and the connected same it does and includes the development of the apparel and plans various plans. It is not the usual UBIQ handling shop, it becomes limitation sale with the market which is limited very.

* It is late September delivery schedule.

* As for this because there is payment date setting with the reservation commodity, the reservation commodity where payment date differs, in addition it cannot liquidate with the brand commodity simultaneously.

* As for the commodity of the photograph because of the sample, the actual product there are times when specification and processing and size etc differ somewhat.

* In regard to circumstances of production of the factory, there are times when payment date becomes modification. Concerning front and back of dispatch day please acknowledge beforehand.

* As for reservation, August 31st (gold) AM10: You end with 00.

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