Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Hilarita Lil Devils

It's a new Fantasy Football season and for the first time in over 10 years, I have a new league. There will be growing pains and I don't expect to dominate like in the old days. Plus with new owners on a live online draft versus the old school all-in-the-same-room draft, it'll be harder than ever to find the temperature of the room concerning who wants what and who you can get when it's your time to draft. How did the newly christened Hilarita Lil Devils do? Let's find out, pick by pick:

ROUND 1 – Pick #1 LaDainian Tomlinson, RB SD: You would have to be clinically insane not to take this guy at #1. Luckily, I failed that entrance exam for Saint E’s. Although, it may be a misdiagnosis as the rest of my picks can attest.

ROUND 2 – Pick #28 Torry Holt, WR StL: Another solid pick. He’s the Number One guy on a very high-powered offense in a division where defense is a seldom used word. Can’t fault this selection.

ROUND 3 – Pick #29 Randy Moss, WR NE: A total gack pick as I was looking forward to Clinton Portis two picks before and missed which made me lose focus. Although Moss is not an awful selection, it was probably too high when Reggie Wayne was still available.

ROUND 4 – Pick #56 DeAngelo Williams, RB Car: A decent save with this pick but I still have some doubts as this guy does come with injury baggage. But most of the rags have him going in Round 4; just a little higher than my pick so I feel there was good value.

ROUND 5 – Pick #57 Tony Gonzalez, TE KC: The second best available TE on most boards and to get him in the 5th Round in a TE-starting league was a nice pick-up. But with so many questions surrounding the KC Offense, I’m kinda wishing that I should’ve selected either Adrian Peterson of MINN or Anquan Boldin of AZ; both of whom were available. But, I’m not totally killing myself over it.

ROUND 6 – Pick #84 Jon Kitna, QB Det: The fragile lynchpin for my whole season. There were too many QBs that were taken way too early so I decided to go for quality picks over whatever run was prevalent at the time. Plus, the position of my picks really hampered what I could get at the right time. Still, if he can grasp the Martz system and hit those fabulous WRs (all of whom were already taken by this pick), I might have gotten goof value at #84.

ROUND 7 – Pick #85 Ravens D/ST, Bal: This pick, I decided to try to start runs on DEF and it didn’t work all that well. In the next two rounds, only three other DEFs were taken. This season is my first with this league so it’s kinda like the over-popular Texas Hold-Em. I’ve got to know the owners and their tendencies as well as the league's scoring system so I can draft better next year.

ROUND 8 – Pick #112 Vernand Morency, RB GB: A good value here; especially if he can hold on to the job over rookie Brandon Jackson. At least I’ll get some use out of him until such time. But even better, this selection marks my third RB pick with a Week #7 bye-week. I’m usually better than that but this draft didn’t start until 11:30 PM so I can blame being tired on my lack of focus.

ROUND 9 – Pick #113 Jeff Wilkins, K StL: This one was another attempt of starting a run but only two kickers was picked during this and the next round. It may have been somewhat early to pick a kicker but when looking at the available players to choose from, I still like this pick. Screw the so-called experts. And just so we get one thing straight, I’m not bitter about these back-to-back picks.

ROUND 10 – Pick #140 Leon Washington, RB NYJ: A very good pick-up here since Michael Turner (Tomlinson’s backup in SD) was picked friggin’ four rounds earlier. But, Washington still seems like a good option; especially since he’s my only RB option that will be playing on Week #7. For those who are scoring at home, a 10th Round pick will be the starting running back on Week #7 - yeah real smart there, you damn dummy.

ROUND 11 – Pick #141 Brandon Jones, WR Ten: The first pick where I had to consult my book to find out who this cat was. And it seems like it’s not a bad pick for the 11th round. The guy is supposed to have a good rapport with Vince Young (aka Madden Curse victim for 2007-08) and he was rated the 35th best receiver in the league so at #141, I see an extremely good selection here.

ROUND 12 – Pick #168 Byron Leftwich, QB Jac: A decent back-up who does have the capability to move into the starter’s role. This is a good thing since Kitna may not have the mojo like he did when he became the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year over four years ago. I hope that it doesn’t come down to starting Leftwich, who has struggled in recent years actually finding his WRs in the open field.

ROUND 13 – Pick #169 Bo Scaife, TE Ten: Another back-up pick and since a TE is a young QB’s best friend, making this pick was a sensible one; especially when you look at the other possibilities on the board. And basically, this late in the draft, you’re just like a virgin in a brothel – more than happy to see a warm body that has a good likelihood of putting out for you.

ROUND 14 – Pick #196 Vikings D/ST, Min: Backing up the Ravens’ DEF. Nothing more; nothing less. I just hope that the mighty Vikes can beat up on the Eagles at home.

ROUND 15 – Pick #197 Stephen Gostkowski, K NE: I’m not sure on why this guy, who will be kicking for one of the top 3 teams in the NFL, was still around at this pick. And frankly, I won’t complain about taking him here. And the last pick of the draft and so labeled “Mr. Irrelevant”…

ROUND 16 – Pick #224 Amani Toomer, WR NYG: For the last pick in the draft and to get a viable 3rd option on a decent Giants team, I consider that a gem. Plus, it’s always fun to imitate the ruler of Kaleeforkneea by saying, “It’s Not A Toomer!”

That’s it for this year’s draft. I’m so lukewarm about this team that it makes me physically ill. As for predictions, I'm worried about who can play where since there’s this very ambiguous Offensive Player who could be anyone and I hate seeing two QBs starting against the Lil Devils. So, I'll say that I’m shooting for a playoff-making 9-5 but will settle for 6-8.

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