Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Leave a Job Without a Shred of Integrity 101 by "Prof." Tom Casale

Here's the course description from the Master of Career Suicide (he's the third from left in jailhouse stripes - a very foreboding attire, you might say):

  • Learn how to trash your former co-workers and disgrace your former employer on your first day on your new job
  • Discover new ways to dredge up old hot button topics by insinuating that evidence was suppressed by not only your employer but by its governing body
  • Make baseless accusations about everyone from your co-workers to the subjects of your work duties without any proof whatsoever; all using the guise of "Keepin' It Real"
  • Free up more time since there is no need to create a resume as you will become instantly unwanted by any company other than a gambling organization

Course references can be found here for those curious enrollees. You can contact the professor of Napalming Co-Workers and Killing Careers there.

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