Saturday, July 19, 2008

Would you like to watch the Watchmen?

Just a quick weekend post but it's all about the upcoming Watchmen movie. First, Steve over at KFR posted a link to the new Watchmen trailer at Apple's website. The 2+ minute trailer is both thrilling to see these characters come to cinematic life yet the look of the "Batman & Robin"-style costumes still makes me more than a little hesitant about how faithful the adaptation will be.

Then, Entertainment Weekly has a great article (which you can read online here) about the movie and the development hell that it went through to get to the point where it is today. Here's the cover to said EW:

Lastly, in the same EW issue, there is a link to download what is being called a "motion comic" for the first chapter of the Watchmen mini-series. I have watched the comic and for what it is, it's a great companion piece to the movie. Hearing the narration and having a score behind the comic does give the show more depth than I thought it would. I can definitely see this being on the eventual double DVD disc release near the end of 2009. To download the 24+ minute chapter, you need to have iTunes installed and click here.

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