Friday, July 18, 2008

Upcoming DVD Release - DC Superheroes: The Filmation Adventures

DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures

Saw this in a press release from Warner Bros and knew that it had to be mine. For those of you who may not be old enough to remember, these cartoons were the only place you would get to see the non-Big Three of DC on TV; especially the groovy Teen Titans (with a raven-haired Kid Flash and no Robin due to contractual reasons) and the Justice League of America. Sure, they're dated and somewhat preachy but that's what makes them so good. Pick it up and show it to that special grade schooler in your life and relive being a kid a half-hour at a time.

The DVD is due on August 12th with the following list of episodes:

Disc 1:

The Atom Cartoons
Invasion Of The Beetle-Men (1967)
The Plant Master (1967)
The House Of Doom (1967)

The Flash Cartoons
The Chemo-Creature (1967)
Take a Giant Step (1967)
To Catch a Blue Bolt (1967)

Green Lantern Cartoons
Evil is as Evil Does (1967)
The Vanishing World (1967)
Sirena, Empress of Evil (1967)

Disc 2:

Hawkman Cartoons
Peril from Pluto (1967)
A Visit To Venus (1967)
The Twenty Third Dimension (1967)

Justice League Of America Cartoons
Between Two Armies (1967)
Target Earth (1967)
Bad Day on Black Mountain (1967)

Teen Titans Cartoons
The Monster Machine (1967)
The Space Beast Round-Up (1967)
Operation: Rescue (1967)

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