Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who will benefit from Old Man Favre according to Chazer

Chazer over at his Life Happens blog was doing his best Mort impression as he was thinking aloud on which NFL team would benefit most by winning the Old Man Favre lottery (purely hypothetical as there was no talk of compensation discussed nor the possibility that he would do more harm than good to his new team).

As I read his quick breakdown, I noticed that his blindspot was showing yet again, which means that I had to call him out on it. To keep things in context, please read his post first then read my retort below:
It was interesting while reading your post that one specific team was not addressed on your list. The team that has burned through more QBs than most of the other teams mentioned. The team that not seen the Super Bowl since the beginning of the 90s. The team who not only signed and released a future NFL MVP but also released many other decent QBS only to see them stick around the league and actually start some games at the position.

That's right - it's your Washington Redskins. So, what's the reason for the omission? Is Campbell coming back from a season-ending injury with a whole new offense to learn that much better than bringing in Favre? Really, at this point, Washington needs a strong QB to help keep the heat off a new and very inexperienced HC. You may want to rethink that position, sir.

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chazer said...

Thanks Britt...I guess I finally made it big by being mentioned on your blog. It's kind like being slammed in a "cool" way. GO SKINS!

Britt Schramm said...

There's no slamming here, my friend. Just thought that this issue would be a good discourse between two true NFL fanatics. Plus, I've got to respect your eternal optimism concerning the Skins; even if it does blind your objectivity sometimes.