Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Favre itching to return; Rodgers placed on postal watch

With Aaron Rodgers performing well in the offseason, Brett Favre has let it be known that he is on the verge of coming back to the playing field according the self-described Worldwide Leader. This is a classic narcissistic move by the future Hall of Famer and one that appears to further perpetuate an almost abusive relationship with the current starting QB of the Packers as he once again tries to prolong Rodgers' maturation into a viable starter in the NFL.

From the article, if Favre isn't received with open arms (and a starting spot on the team), he will probably force Green Bay to release him from the remaining two years of his contract and allow him to field offers from other teams. At this point, who wouldn't consider this annual retirement waffling by Favre an act of mental cruelty not only to Rodgers but to the faithful Cheeseheads themselves? Closure is needed by all involved but this interruption by Favre in an effort to soothe his "itch" will most certainly result in a rash decision by the Pack that could cost them a chance at the playoffs.

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