Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary to this here blog plus some News & Comment

Here's to the first year of Tripping the Life Fanatic. Yeah, there have been some good times but there was a bit of an abandonment issue with me and the blog near the end of 2007 but I think that those have been resolved (albeit from an unexpected Super Bowl loss).

This upcoming year, there will be a continued dedication to more quality content including the return of the Fanatical Reviews and possibly (make that definitely) an announcement of where I will be writing next at a place that you may or may not expect.

Now, for the news and comment where breaking up is the new hook-up:

  • Jimah (or Sarmy depending on your point of view) are splitsville! The caustic couple have called it quits after five years. How can that be? They were supposed to be the Newman/Woodward of our generation. Maybe Silverman saw the writing on the wall (Leno to ABC; Kimmel bumped back to 1230 EST or later) and decided she didn't want to be attached to a plumeting star.
  • Billy Packer and CBS are done after 34 years and I cannot shout loud enough from the tallest mountain top - FINALLY!! This guy has an ego the size of Montana and the appeal of a sewer shark. I hated hearing his foul voice during the first week of April when the last three games of College Basketball season were playing. His pompous and monotone delivery mixed with his agenda against Big Ten Basketball made me wish for Pro-ACC Dickie V. Speaking of the always on Vitale, you should be next, sir. Don't buy that 2-year subscription to the Mag just yet.

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