Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A.Dick is back to acting like one

I was going to make some topical observations on Andy Dick's recent arrest and correlate it to his desire to always be on (whether video cameras are around or not) and his weak attempts to push the boundaries of comedy. But then I realize that I would be wasting my time pointing out the obvious.

He is now the poster child for former TV stars who addicted to their own celebrity niche. And while he's pissed off (and literally pissed on) people in his downward spiraling career, he's plummeted past his old co-star Kathy Griffin to the F'Off-List. Hell, look at his mug shot and try to tell me with a straight face that he's starting to look more like that crazy old man lying on the side of the street waiting for his next fix of model airplane glue than the steady working actor and touring comedian.

To me, it's truly sad. You see, some people know when the joke stops becoming funny. I wonder if someday Dick realizes that he has become that joke.

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