Thursday, July 10, 2008

Former Gator Dupay arrested with rape and kidnapping

It appears that trouble just seems to follow one Teddy Dupay. First, it was the criminal assault - oops, sorry, the Cobra Kai-style leg sweep of Mateen Cleaves during the 2000 NCAA Championships. Then, it was the quick dismissal of Dupay from the U of F basketball team the very next year due to possible gambling activities. And now, the former "chippy sparkplug"-labelled point guard has been charged with felony rape, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping in the state of Utah.

Details currently are one-sided due to Dupay's lack of counsel at the time of arrest; although, he did admit in court that he and the victim (a former girlfriend of two years) got a little rough. But yet from the info obtained by the investigators attached to the case, the victim had two fractured ribs, bruises on her arm, shoulder and thigh, a swollen left eye and scratches on her back due to Dupay hitting and kicking her prior to the rape.

But there is one person who may still be on this guy's side - his former coach. Here's a telling quote from Billy Donovan, speaking at the time of Dupay's dismissal from the team back in 2001:

"I love Teddy," Donovan said. "There are people who do things wrong, but I will stand by him the rest of his life. I think he knows in his heart that I'm behind him. I'll miss not having him around, but our relationship will go on for a long, long time."
I wonder if Donovan would like to take those words back just like he did when he backed out of the Orlando job.

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