Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Fanatical Review - "The Apocalipstix (Oni Press)"

Title - The Apocalipstix
Publisher - Oni Press
Format - Digest-Sized; 144 pages
Cover Price - $11.95

What started out as a self-contained story in an anthology titled Rumble Royale from The Royal Academy of Illustration and Design and continued in a new story in 2007 Free Comic Day comic, The Apocalipstix finally gets its due in a digest-sized original graphic novel (or as the people who only speak in acronyms say, OGN) from Oni Press.

Hard rockers Mandy and the Mittens (Lead Singer Mandy, Drummer Megumi & Bassist Dot) were all set to make their big break when a strategically placed nukes rain down and practically wipe out the entire civilized world. Now, they have to travel cross-country to get to the big Battle of Bands concert. If they win, free gas to the next stop in the tour. But if they lose.. Well, let's just say that it's not pretty to say the least.

The Apocalipstix has something for everyone; lots of guns and exploding stuff for action fans, hot babes for the good girl fans, large ants for the sci-fi lover and even a love interest for the romance readers (you know who you are). The three-chapter book itself plays out like a breakneck Rock and Roll Mad Max road story with a slight dash of Xenozoic Tales for good measure. Ray Fawkes writes a mean action storyline with a decent cast of engaging characters with a fun dialog. And Cam Stewart outdoes himself by bringing his superb animation-flavored art and imbibing it with a sense of craziness. I was also impressed with Stewart's ability to draw each woman in the band differently; you'd be surprised how many artists in the industry fail to do that.

So, if you are tired of the latest in the cape-and-tights mega crossover or bored to death with those over-compressed six issues stories that should really only last three, you should definitely take The Apocalipstix for a ride.

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