Monday, April 28, 2008

Clemens Strikes Out on Character Issue

Put the scarlet letter next to all of those Ks that Roger Clemens used to get. The New York Daily News reported yesterday that Clemens was involved with country singer Mindy McCready for over 10 years when he was with the Red Sox and she was a 15 yr old karaoke singer.

Those same reports have the singer flying in Clemens' private jet, meeting up with Clemens in his apartment in Toronto, Clemens sending cash via Fed Ex during McCready's financial troubles and love notes to Clemens in McCready's CD liner notes. These accusations definitely gives the appearance that the former pitching ace is much more about hanging with this lady than his wife and family which only helps Brian McNamee's fight against the personal defamation suit brought by Clemens at the beginning of this year. The article reflects that McCready ended the affair by her own accord in 2006. Clemens' legal counsel has stated that the relationship was platonic; although with the details listed above, that seems hard to believe that there wasn't something going on between a 15 year old girl and a 28 year old married man with two kids.

It is funny when you think that he probably could've retired a few years ago and hid like Mark McGuire has done so he could await Hall of Fame enshrinement. But he wanted more for less. So, he had teams bid on his services for the highest salary in abbreviated seasons with the Astros and Yanks falling for his aw-shucks act.

For all of those fans out there who hate the way high-end baseball players ignore loyalty for the sake of the all-mighty dollar, it is nice to see Clemens' mercenary tendencies bite him in the ass. I wouldn't be surprised if an old two-time teammate who once has a sex scandal himself while he was playing comes to his aid and helps him with the sex addict defense that lost his trial with Margo.

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