Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Online Simpsons game is "somewhat" live

Don't let the image fool you. There's a new online Simpson game but it's not released for general consumption just yet. If you go to, you can kinda see that the real game looks to involve sort of ride (quite possibly a roller coaster). Definitely does whet the appetite for whatever waster-of-time game it could be.

However, there is another game that does have the same mindless but fun appeal as the last online game that I posted about (click here to read more on NANACA CRASH) but "Catapult to Krustyland" does Nanaca one better. Now, you can launch your old Simpsons avatar that you made to help promote the Simpsons Movie last summer high into the air with the chance to get over the wall to Krustyland. You could also choose Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno or one of the three Simpson-fied Presidential candidates (aptly named Senators Whitehair, Talkgood and Pantsuit) but why do that when you can see your creation take a header into a car stuck in a traffic jam?

Although, after playing it more than a few times, I came upon the realization that there are some major bugs in this game. The controls itself are somewhat flaky, changing characters doesn't work and there is sometimes a delay when trying to time of the launch. But to see the Simpson version of yourself (and let's face it - everyone simpsonized themselves for the avatar) launched into the air and fall helplessly to the ground with a thud like a rag doll is more than worth the possibility of getting caught by the boss.

At least, I felt that way...

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