Monday, April 21, 2008

Samantha Fox was wrong

File this bit o' news under too much time on his hands, watching too many chick flicks and that nerds need love, too.

Some guy in Jersey decided to propose to his girlfriend by redesigning her favorite video game, PopCap's Bejeweled, to say those magic words when she hit a certain score. And in a move that is basically unheard of in this litigious world, PopCap wasn't even mad. Plus they're gonna supply the game, unmodified, to all of the wedding guest as party favors. Lawyers around the word will be despondent until the divorce process begins.

My questions that never will be answered - How long did it take him to re-code the change? What the score threshold was? How many attempts it took her to get to that score? But one thing is for sure - at least, she was the one to sweat out getting the proposal instead of the other way around..

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