Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your 5 Random Facts for April 30th

No links, no pics, just the facts.

  1. Scott Weiland has become less like a true rock star and more like a SNL parody of a rock star every minute he's alive. The STP reunion will not change this fact and my prediction is that the tour will be over before all of the dates have been played.

  2. The Celtics need a soul-crushing, boot-stomping-the-throat kind of win tonight against the Hawks or there will be a new #1 atop the NBA's Biggest Playoff Losses. The NBA - Where Choking Like A Dog Happens.

  3. While the whole McCready story is not really admissible in the defamation suit, is it really a leap to think that he didn't take something after learning that he already cheated on something/someone? Not for me, pal.

  4. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher getting it in on during shooting for Episode 4 with Mark Hamill jealous of Ford's success? Who didn't see that one coming? But, also according to Fisher, there's no underwear in space according to Lucas. Really now?

  5. There is no need for DC to make a one-off figure like Superman: Red/Superman: Blue. Especially with the crazy number of articulation points like that improbable mid-thigh one.

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