Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Fanatical Review - "The new NFL Shield Logo"

Recently, the NFL decided to revamp their shield logo. For what reason, I have no idea but the new logo (for those who may not know) is the one on the right and it is unequivocally worse the the original source material. This point cannot be argued by anyone who doesn't have a vested (meaning financial) interest. Just compare the two. The new one looks like a cheap Korean knockoff.

Instead of refining the most iconic logo in all of Professional Sports, the numskulls at the National Football League went with the philosophy, "Less is More" and cheapened the end result. By removing almost all of the stars, taking off half of the laces and blocking the letters, the logo looks like it's been dumbed down; as if today's fan can't handle the flourish of the L or the pageantry of the stars.

This change wasn't necessary if only to sell more product to the fans by enticing them to buy new jerseys with the new shield on them. That type of money grabbing is not only exploitative but detrimental to the growth of the league. Using a football analogy, the NFL tried a end around reverse for a touchdown by changing their logo and ended up with a strip fumble returned for six.

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