Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sox win the series but lose the curse

The Beantown Nine won the rubber game against the Yanks tonight by the score of 8-5 but they possibly lost the New Yankee Stadium curse. The alleged shirt that was dropped in the foundation for the new stadium was located and extracted by the construction company that is responsible for doing the work on the stadium. It was reported that it took about five hours to unearth the shirt from two feet of concrete. Here's some footage courtesy of NECN:

Man, you got to love this rivalry for this sole reason, other than seeing the Steinbrenners pay Union weekend overtime wages just to find a piece of interred clothing. Maybe the curse wasn't something that would ever happen but you know that Yankees management couldn't take a chance for the infamous shirt to become a possible redux of the now World Famous curse, The Curse of the Bambino. This curse is only second to The Curse of Being Vanilla Ice.

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